Upload your video into the Cinema8 interactive video platform, come true the interactions on the video timeline. Easily and quickly convert your videos into interactive, gamified, personalized videos with the Cinema8 Creative Studio.

01 Adding Question on Video

02 Locate Video on Video

03 Closable Information Pop-ups on Video

04 Content Tree on Video

05 Audio Feedbacks

06 Embed Interactive Video into Website

07 Create Web and Mobile UI Prototype

08 Adding Lower Third

09 Dynamic Subtitle

10 Introduction Form

11 Help Simulation

12 Create Your Fiction - Storyflow

13 Customizing Player

14 Sharing Video on Social Media

15 Using Drag and Drop Layers

16 Designing Custom Forms on Video

17 Synchronizing Other Video Accounts with Cinema8

18 A Gamification Example on Cinema8

19 Dynamic Dubbing

20 Creating Video Menu

21 How to Add Image Choice Question

22 Video/Audio Input Question

23 Player Customization

24Adding Rewind

25Adding Countdown

Interactive Video Elements

Just drag and drop wide range of interactivity tools on the video timeline.


Embed anything on video using Html code.

Animated Text

Add customizable texts with entrance and exit animation effects on video.


Use images on your computer.

Dynamic Image

Add images by using image URL.


Make custom drawings during the video.


Add video on video.


Add audio on video and make dynamic dubbing.

Project Item

Offer video selection group.

Free Text Question

Ask a free text question and get detailed analytics report.

Single Select Question

Ask a single select question, let viewer to view related point of the video by their answer. Get detailed analytics report.

Multi-Select Question

Ask a multi select question, feedback texts and get detailed analytics report.

Fill in the Blank Question

Ask a fill in the blank question and get detailed analytics report.


Navigate between topics placed on the video timeline via a chapter menu.

DFP- Google Ad

Synchronize DFP account and add google advertisements on video.


Create jump points on the video timeline.

Lower Third

Create information ribbon on video.


Pause, play, speed up/down, mute, rewind the video.

Clickable Area

Add clickable areas on video and link them to URLs, points on video.

Form Designer

Create custom forms using various form tools, make surveys and get detailed analytics report.

Introduction Form

Present a form to viewer includes name, e-mail and terms & conditions information etc. before viewing the video.


Add dynamic subtitle in different languages.


Link interactive videos on Storyflow, create decision points with questions in the video.

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