Interactive videos for Gamification

Thanks to gamification, you can easily convey the message you want to convey by entertaining your audience. You can get the data you want to collect from your audience. Also, incorporating gamification into your content makes your content more fun and attractive. Increase your interaction with your audience. This is awesome.

Gamification Everywhere

Gamification makes it fun whatever you want to do. That is why it is important for almost every company, especially for companies that are content producers. Gamification is used in the content prepared in many areas from commercials to online trainings, from online sales to entertainment content.

Increase engagement

Gamification allows you to be included in the content, increasing engagement. You can increase your interaction with your audience through gamification. In addition, you can increase your retention and learning percentage. You can also make your content fun with gamification mechanics and increase the engagement of your viewers. Whatever you need ... You can captivate your audience with your gamification videos.


You want your audience to focus on the content. While doing this, you want to entertain the audience. You can make more fun with puzzles, horoscope reviews, detective games, contests, make-up and cooking, short films, DIY by gamification. With Cinema8, you can easily do this without using code.

Use Gamification Mechanics

Keep your audience dynamic by using gamification mechanics such as points, levels, missions, badges, unlocks, quiz, progress, narrative, timer, branching choices, certificates, quests, onboarding. Use gamification mechanics as you wish, while making interactive video with Cinema8. Do not stick to the templates, be free.

Analyse your audience's interaction with your video

It is important to be able to use gamification correctly. Content prepared without knowing what is popular and what is old fashion is a waste of time and audience. It is also important that you know what your viewers like. You need analysis to learn all this. With Cinema8, you can easily analyse the content you have gamified. Gather your audience scores, levels, leader boards, and data from the interaction provided by many gamification mechanics. You get both gamification data and the data you want. You can also identify what attracts your audience with these data. You can organize your strategies related to your content according to the data you have.