Interactive videos for E-learning

You can increase the percentage of learning with Cinema8 interactive video. You can also easily get feedback at the same time. You can have your users ask you questions, you can ask them to write their comments on the subject. In addition, you can individualize online training and take an online exam.

Increase interaction with interactive trainings

Interactivity is very important in learning. For this, e-learning uses products that make learning interactive. When using these products, the main thing is to be able to save time and be easily prepared. Cinema8 provides all these conveniences for you. Moreover, you can use animation, real shot video or 360-degree video.

Personalize online education with interactive trainings

In online education, individual education is almost impossible. You should give a training that you prepare to all your users. It is very difficult to measure readiness. Even if you measure, you cannot prepare training for each user individually. You can do this easily with Cinema8.

Let's assume you are training your users through an LMS system. You want to prepare training on several subjects. But some of your users have some knowledge. They need to demonstrate that they have received this training via LMS. You don't need to prepare separate exams and training for this. Add questions about the subject at the beginning of the training video you prepared and measure whether you know the subject or not. If he knows part of the topic, he should be directed to the section he just doesn't know at the end of the test. So that he does not have to watch the subject he knows, he should jump to the section he does not know.

Increase the motivation of users with your Personalized trainings

Prepare any kind of questions with Cinema8's widgets. Define a certain period of time for your questions. When the time is up, skip to the next question or end the exam. Moreover, you can even get an audio or video answer thanks to the audio / video input question.

Cinema8 e-learning widgets

Cinema8 developed the project copy feature to save time while preparing interactive training. This feature allows you to prepare your similar trainings without having to deal with copying the project. You can apply the same process for widgets thanks to the widget copy. You can browse the widgets to see what you can do while preparing an interactive training video.

Get detailed analysis of trainings

You can get user-based, location-based, device-based detailed reports of all your trainings. You can see which user answered which question and which answer. Likewise, you can see which points of education interact with. You can also find out if your entire training has been tracked. Moreover, you can download these reports as files.