Cinema8 For Finance Industry

With Cinema8, you can make your in-house trainings interactive and enrich, and you can provide your viewers with different experiences and provide maximum benefit as learning and entertainment.

Analyze your audience, organize your videos by data

Cinema8 allows you to easily analyze your audience with its advanced Analytics module. With this analytic data, you can find out from which browser, country or device your viewers watch your videos. It is also possible to download and store this data on your computer. According to these data, you can shape your new videos and design videos that will attract your viewers.

Increase participation in your training videos

Today, most companies have started to deliver the trainings to their participants over the virtual environment. This is a useful choice both to get rid of the high costs of in-class training and to prevent further effort. While hundreds of training videos are prepared to meet the audience every day, all these videos may not be interesting or productive videos. You can easily create your interactive videos with Cinema8. Upload your videos to Cinema8. Add interactive visuals, text, videos or sounds to your classic educational videos with easy-to-use drag and drop tools. Thus, the participants will be more motivated to your videos and the efficiency you will receive from your trainings will increase.

Promote your office environment, fairground or working buildings with 360-degree videos

With the Cinema8 360 module, produce content about the place or products you want to promote to the viewer. Cinema8 also supports most of the interaction tools it supports in normal videos in 360-degree videos. Perhaps you can create a 360-degree video to introduce your office environment to a colleague who will join your office, show a button showing where to buy drinks, or show where to eat. In this way, you can shorten the working time of your new employee.

Prepare fun tests and present them to your viewer

Animate boring training videos with Cinema8. Who knows, maybe you can take the attention of an employee who is tired of seeing the same kind of training videos with a training video with the theme “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”…

Make your in-house training fun by integrating points or badge systems into your videos

Cinema8 can easily convert the classic training documents you have into interactive training videos. You can also create different educational designs by integrating gamification logic into your videos thanks to powerful interaction tools.