Cinema8 For Film Industry

Immersive interactive films, in which viewers direct the story and find a role in the film, are now the new trend.

Give Audience the Right to Speak

Interactive films, which are not new, are now becoming more and more exciting experience, allowing viewers to create their own adventure. Gamified films directed by people according to their choices increase the participation by giving them the power of choice.

Branching Stories

You can have more than one different ending with a non-linear structure in your films. Easily, direct the finals according to the choices made by the audience. In this way, the film makes a feeling like watching again.

Let them take a different role

Allow viewers to choose their roles within the movie. Managing the story through the eyes of a father or a son can give them effective experiences with different perspectives.

Trailers and Movie Reviews

Interactive trailers, as a new way to promote your movie, can take the excitement a step further or the viewer. For a more detailed promotional video, you can combine the trailer, the actor list, and movie reviews in an interactive video, and at the end, you can offer people the opportunity to rate the movie.

Analyze Your Viewers

One of the most important effects of interactive videos on filmmakers is providing a big data. It is invaluable for you to analyze the preferences, tastes and even psychological situations of the audience. Reports of the choices, watch rates, heat maps and more… The reporting screen allows you to measure everything about your interactive videos and gives you tips about your viewers. It is in your hands to turn this data into a meaningful insight and use it for your future movies and production companies.