Cinema8 For Agencies

Keep your audience always warm with remarkable, intriguing and gamified interactive videos.

Intriguing Content

Experiencing entertainment for viewers has become the most popular trend of the age. Interactive videos provide this experience in the best way possible. Personalized videos with gamified content take out viewers from their viewer role and enables to become participants.

Entertainment Concepts w/Gamification

With entertainment videos that created in different concepts, give viewers the right to guess in the fiction and direct the content themselves. Add gamification elements to your video, such as time limits and awards. Different surprise endings in the video can be connected to the result of the content that the audience will direct. In this way, you have the feeling of watching again.


Most of people like the excitement of the competition, achieving something and a reward to be given at the end. You can rate the viewers with the video contests and show the results to them at any point in the video. You can even give them a discount coupon based on their score.

Shoppable Videos

With the rise of e-commerce, we can say that interactive videos have become a remarkable method of shopping. You can combine your advertising videos with more entertaining approaches to shop over video. Add clickable areas to the products, let the viewers add them to the cart, or direct them to the product website.


You can make boring surveys fun by converting into interactive video surveys about what customers like, what they don't like, or what you want to know about them.

Analyze Your Viewers

You must be wondering what the new trend is and how the content you produce resonates with the target audience. The interaction reports, viewing rates, heatmaps and more… The reporting screen allows you to measure everything about your interactive videos and gives you tips on your viewers. You can transform this data into a meaningful insight and use it for your future works.