Our Top Ten Most Creative Examples of Interactive Videos

From choose your own adventure to gamification, there are a whole host of options when it comes to how to format your interactive video, and a multitude of ways to make it as creative as possible.

  • 27.02.2020

The world of interactive video allows viewers to take action and become part of the narrative. From choose your own adventure to gamification, there are a whole host of options when it comes to how to format your interactive video, and a multitude of ways to make it as creative as possible. 


The most creative interactive videos do something a little bit different. They take our expectations and they run away with them, allowing us to broaden our imagination and experience something we never really quite expected. 

Here’s a rundown of ten of our favourite creative interactive videos that you can enjoy for yourself. 

1. Dead Lonely

A video by the award winning Aardman Animations, Dead Lonely is the tale of a living dead man named Fred who just wants to find his lost love. Set in a post apocalyptic world, Dead Lonely throws obstacles in the way of your search for Barbara in a grisly, dark setting with innocent undertones until you finally reunite Fred with Barbara. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

This incredible tale of long lost loves, the apocalyptic but surpringly lovely setting and storyline perfectly complements the world in which it’s set. As these ‘living dead’ people go about their daily lives, living just as they would if they were alive, the video offers beautiful visuals coupled with a touching storyline that is perfectly offset by the grim and grisly environment and actions. 

As you explore the world of the living dead, you take Fred on an adventure to complete his mission and find his love. Clicking on objects and following on-screen prompts to choose your actions and where you go in order to fulfil Fred’s only dream of finding the undead woman he so dearly loves. 

We love this video so much because of the flawless combination of visual spectacle, the dark and light mix in the tone and a lovely little storyline that all can enjoy. 

2. Like a Rolling Stone

Tis fabulous interactive video was released to market the Bob Dylan box set of all 41 of his songs. The video includes a compilation of what are meant to be TV channels where all the actors are lip syncing to Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone. The interaction factor in this video may be minimal, but the fun factor is through the roof. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

Injecting a great big dollop of fun into the world of Bob Dylan and interactive videos, this great video is an homage to Dylan that appeals to just about everyone. You can skip through the various channels, of which there are over 100, to see a variety of scenarios within the channels. There’s a home shopping channel where you can watch the presenters fawn over items while lip syncing the song, a bachelor channel featuring women in tight mini skirts and even and anime style channel with the characters lip syncing away. 

We love this video because it’s the epitome of creativity. It’s fun, it’s fabulous and it makes us laugh. It’s ridiculous and funny and there’s something for everyone included. 

3. Ink - Coldplay

Another story of long-lost love, the immersive and stunning interactive music video from Coldplay follows you on a journey through a series of breathtaking landscapes as you search for your lost love. You face some crucial choices on the journey, with each decision having the chance to change the narrative and effect your future choices. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

Music is, by its very nature, a creative endeavour. So, by combining the creativity of music with the sheer beauty and almost forlorn nature of the interactive music video, Coldplay have created an immersive story with their song that can be played out through the magic of interactive video. 

You can explore beautiful jungles, mountainscapes, snowy worlds and even branch off into the cosmos in this high-production value and visually stunning masterpiece. The creativity comes into play even more when you learn that throughout the video, the choices that you’re making can lead to over 300 different complete storylines. Will you be reunited with your lover in the end, or will you have to accept that she’s gone and lost forever? Find out by immersing yourself in Ink, the interactive music video by Coldplay. 

4.Disney – Behind the Scenes

The interactive video from Disney showcases the making of live action version of The Jungle Book. Offering viewers insight into how the video was made, it features a slider in the middle of the screen that allows you to switch between what was seen in the film and how that effect was achieved in real life. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

This interactive video is an incredible watch for any fans of Disney, or even just fans of animation and CGI effects in film. Not only that, it allows Disney to strengthen the bonds between viewers and the movie itself, giving them a proper look at how it was actually made. 

This idea of letting people into the creative process, letting them see how something was made reality doesn’t take the magic away, it adds to it. Letting people feel like they’re a part of it, like they know it even better and giving them a simple way to interact with content. 

5. Portugal. The Man

The second music video to appear on the list, this interactive video by band Portugal. The Man’s song Feel it Still is a creative example of portraying a politically charged message through the magic of interactivity and immersion. Serving as a hybrid of a teaching method a creative construct, the video prompts viewers to click on certain things in order to gain ‘resistance tools’ such as tackling climate change, funding planned parenthood and electing women. All of the things added to your ‘toolkit’ are political talking points that the band, and song, are trying to make people more aware of. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

Music videos, as we’ve already mentioned, are inherently creative. However, when you inject an actual message into the video and then use interactive tools to convey that message more clearly in a more relatable way, it becomes something so much more. Creativity is all about portraying something in an original way. Making people feel something, think about something or take action. This interactive video does all three of things and is a fantastic way to put your message across in a digital world. 

6. Jeff Buckley – Just Like a Woman

Yet another music video and another helping of Bod Dylan with this animated music video featuring Jeff Buckley’s cover of Dylan’s Just Like a Woman. The interactive music video is comprised of numerous ‘ells’ you can click on through the 4 and a half minute long song. These cells represent a branch of the love story, so the options you choose can change the narrative in countless ways. 

Why we Love This Creative Interactive Music Video
The video encompasses creativity by showcasing the complicated human relationships in countless ways. That’s not all though. On top of the countless ways you can change the animated narrative to view different storylines, there are also 16,000 different musical combinations to explore. Each choice you make, each cell you click can add musical accompaniment to the base song, resulting in the possibility of a full orchestra. 

7. Nicky Case – Anxiety

Do you get anxiety? Do you get anxiety about getting anxiety? Do you often wonder what anxiety looks like in the brain or how it even happens? The this fantastically creative video from Nicky Case is the perfect watch for you. Discover what Hebbian Learning and Anti Hebbian Learning are as you explore the world of neural pathways with Case. Listen as Nicky narrates how and why these pathways are formed as you play along by clicking neurons to create and unlearn pathways. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

The simple scientific explanation, simple interactive gamification and real-life experiences of the narrator all combine together to create something real, something education and, most importantly, something that most of us can relate to. 

The video is rather simplistic in nature. The visuals are beautiful, with a knock-on effect rippling out across neurons as you click on them, and the message between the video is worthy, emotional but not too downbeat. The video is mostly about learning. It’s an e-learning video crossed with gamification in order to raise awareness, help people learn about the physicality of anxiety and to help people struggling with it learn that they can overcome it. 

8. That Moment When

This interactive video from Eko is one of a series of five original content series’ designed simply to use interactive video to entertain an audience, much like traditional media and TV shows. The interactive show centres around a woman called Jill. Jill is placed in an awkward situation at the beginning of each video in the series. That awkward moment when…you don’t remember the name of someone you know, for instance. The video sees you, the viewer, navigate these situations in order to receive clues that help reduce the awkwardness and, eventually, give you a solution (such as a clue to certain letter’s in the name of this person you’ve forgotten). 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

The key thing about the This Moment When series is that it’s original content that’s designed to be watched as a series – much like a Netflix show. It’s a blend of traditional media and interactive video, where producer’s have expertly used interactive video to enhance the viewership and engagement within a traditional TV show. 

It’s a creative vision of originality that allows viewers to control the narrative while offering a wonderfully refreshing and fun story with high production value and real-life, cringeworthy situations that we can all relate to. 

9. BBC Scotland – Glen Coe

After being named the 2019 most beautiful country in the world by Rough Guides, BBC Scotland produced this stunning interactive video to give viewers a 360 degree view of the breathtaking marvel that is Glen Coe. The valley that runs through the ancient ruins of a super volcano is probably one of the main attractions and reason why Scotland was named Most Beautiful. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

Still-life images and linear, traditional video can only do so much to give you a a true idea of the beauty of something, as can having it described to you through speech or text. Interactive video allows for a whole new avenue. A whole new layer of brilliance that allows the viewers to delve deep into the landscape, viewing it from every possible angle and becoming lost within the experience – especially if viewed in VR. 

The creativity in this video comes from its simplicity. Glen Coe is a beautiful landscape and landmark and it doesn’t need any dressing up, it just needs a way to fully immerse people into it – which this video does beautifully. 

10. Dating with MARKIPLIER

This interactive video throws you into the world of dating with a set of wonderful options to choose from to change how the date goes and a comedic vibe. The video features a well dressed man, your date, and an eccentric, if not slightly angry, chef. You choose the types of movies you like, whether you like the food and whether you bill, as well as many other interaction throughout that can all change the narrative. 

Why We Love This Creative Interactive Video?

It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s funny. The best creative videos are often the simplest ones, and this dating video fits the bill. The easy interaction and choose your own adventure style mixed in with the comedic elements and characters in front of you make this a lovely video you can watch time and time again. 

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