5 Brands Taking Advantage of Interactive Videos and Getting It Right.

Offering a way to engage with an audience while portraying your brand identity and message, the world of interactive video is being explored by several big and smaller name brands across the globe.

  • 26.02.2020

Interactive videos are the next big thing in marketing. Offering a way to engage with an audience while portraying your brand identity and message, the world of interactive video is being explored by several big and smaller name brands across the globe. 

From make-up manufacturers to recruitment giants and technology moguls, there are countless ways to incorporate interactive videos into your brand – and many have tried. 

What Makes a Good Interactive Video?

The best interactive videos do what most good content does, it tells a story. The main difference between linear video and interactive video is that the audience get to be a part of that story and/or control it. This is much more engaging than a standard video and can be used to teach, entice and entertain far better than linear video, text or graphics. 

How Can Brands Best Utilise Interactive Video?

Brands all over the world are partaking in the interactive video arena, but not all of them are getting it right. So, what’s the best way to utilise interactive video marketing? Taking advantage of the tools you have is only the first ingredient of a complicated recipe for success. The best brand interactive videos:

-    Are engaging and fun
-    Take the Audience into account, creating content that they’ll enjoy
-    Allow for immersion and relate to the audience
-    Are visually appealing
-    Have an emotional impact
-    Follow the brand’s tone of voice and brand identity
-    Are well made and easy to follow
-    Showcase the products or service 

Creating a fun environment that teaches or showcases something by letting the audience be a part of the story is what interactive videos are all about, and some brands are already hard hitters in the arena. 

How are Brand Videos Used for Marketing?

Marketing interactive videos are incredibly useful tools for the content marketing strategy of bigger and smaller brands. Just like with any content, from written to video or graphics, interactive videos are used to market services, products or the brand itself by including the audience into their world. 

The important aspect is audience. The audience you target as a brand is important, as this dictates the type of content you’ll produce and where you’ll place it. Interactive videos are well-known to appeal greatly among millennials, so a lot of brands are using the interactive video revolution to appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy demographic. 

What Kinds of Products Can be Showcased in Interactive Videos?

The world really is your oyster with interactive. The possibilities span as far and wide as your imagination, so they can be used for almost any product, service or brand – you just need the right narrative and interaction style. 

Choose your own adventure style videos are popular among public service announcements to raise awareness of things like emergency first aid, while 360-degree views work incredibly well for tourism. However, almost any kind of interactive video can be used for anything – it’s all in the way it’s written, produced and presented. 

Knowing Your Audience

As we’ve mentioned, the most important factor to creating the perfect interactive video is taking the audience you’re targeting your product or service at into account. The best brand interactive videos are creative masterpieces that are catered specifically for the people they want to reach and flawlessly show off the brand image that the brand wants to portray. 

Visuals, interaction style, length, storyline, narrative and whether it’s live-action or animated are all things that are decided based on the brand, audience and specific product or service that’s being marketed. 

5 Of the Best Examples of Brands Getting Interactive Marketing Just Right

Now we’ve outlined what makes a great branded interactive video, let’s take a look at some of the brands that are getting right. 

1. Samsung

Samsung’s Gear VR, a VR headset that uses a Samsung smartphone as a screen and processor, was launched alongside an interactive video made by Samsung themselves in order to showcase the new technology at its best. 

The video features a surfer riding the waves, which may sound a little simplistic, but when you consider that VR is in first person perspective and feels fully immersive, it becomes a whole new experience. Watching a video of someone surfing while a professional surfer, Ian Walsh, narrates, is given a whole new depth with the VR experience. 

With a 360-degree view, live-action filming rather than game graphics, an expert narrator and the feeling that you’re fully submersed within the virtual world you’re seeing, the VR video from Samsung was just the tip of the iceberg. 

What Makes Samsung’s VR Interactive Video so Good?

Essentially, the video was good because it was the perfect combination of simplicity and immersion. VR opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to interactive videos, adding a more immersive aspect to an already immersive medium. 

The high definition graphics, exciting adventure and the thrills of riding the barrels of wave after wave as if you’re experiencing it for yourself all combine to create a great all-round experience. While the video itself isn’t anything magical, it’s just a fantastic shot of someone surfing, the fact that it’s viewed through VR and the viewer can turn their heads to see all around them, giving a full range of view, is what makes it great. Interactive video is about the experience, and Samsung really nailed it.

2. Maybelline 

Maybe she’s born with it…or maybe it’s months of hard work in the making of the fantastic interactive videos we’ve seen from beauty manufacturer heavyweight, Maybelline. One of their first interactive videos was a teaching video showing how viewers can create their perfect look with the right mascara. 

Narrated by a professional stylist, the video gives viewers options to choose from, including day vs night, rebel chic or club Tropicana and many more. Through the choosing of these big trends in eye makeup, the video becomes tailored to the viewer’s specific chosen style and then proceeds into a tutorial style video to explain how to achieve their favourite look. 

This interactive video is a lesson in how to use your marketing data to your best advantage. Maybelline knew that a lot of their younger customers for flocking to their online shop and purchasing and consuming content via mobile, so they created an interactive video to hook them in by combining the big modern trends of make-up tutorial and interactive content. 

What Makes Maybelline’s Interactive Video so Good?

Like we mentioned above, getting interactive video right is all about understanding your audience, and Maybelline did just that. They knew where their customers were and what they were likely to be doing and so placed flawlessly executed interactive content in their path, increase click-through rates to the website exponentially until it was 14 times higher than the industry standard. 

3. Ted Baker

Something slightly different to what we traditionally think of as an interactive video, the piece by Ted Baker is an ode to modern-day marketing and using the interactive trend to further user experience and user interface on your website. 

The video from the fashion moguls was placed on the homepage of their online store and featured a man and woman dressed in trendy clothing, walking through the snow. Unlike a lot of interactive videos, we like to showcase, you don’t change the narrative or choose between any options in this video because its main purpose is to make it easier to sell. 

So, this interactive video allows visitors to the Ted Baker website to click on each individual piece of clothing that the man and woman are wearing as they walk through the snowy landscape. Once clicked, it shows you the details, such as price, descriptions and a link to buy. 

What Makes Ted Baker’s Interactive Video So Good?
Like most big brands, Ted Baker knows its audience. It knows how to use interactive marketing to make their customer’s lives easier and improve the overall user experience of the brand and shopping experience, and that’s what this video does. 

Not all interactive videos are great because of their production value, complexity or creativity, although the Ted Baker video is high production quality and looks stunning. This video is so great for the brand because it’s actually serving a purpose that results in helping the viewer. We all want everything easier, faster, better. Ted Baker recognised this and delivered. 

4. Asos

Fun, clean and simple, the interactive video from Asos was released on YouTube back in 2014 – right at the beginning of the interactive video trend. The fashion superstars released this ever so simple interactive look at an all-colour scene featuring their garments. 

Viewers simple choose a colour, such as yellow and green, and the whole scene is transformed to be in that single colour, including the range of clothing the models are wearing as well as background props. This elegant adaptation of interactive beauty services as a fun branding exercise for Asos. 

There’s a keyboard, drums and other props in the background as one person plays the keyboard, one leans against a prop and one stands in the background. For each colour selection, you can find slightly different items and clothing of the colour you’ve selected. 

What Makes Asos’ Interactive Video so Good?
Some interactive videos are created to help sell a product, but others, such as this one, are created in order to enhance and sell a brand image. Not every interactive video needs to be chock full of excitement and interactive features, or even a storyline. 

This video is so great because it shows Asos is a fun light. It shows that they’re casual and light-hearted and that could very well appeal to their target audience, making it a successful interactive video that’s as simple as it is divine. 

5. Honda

Honda’s exploration to ‘The Other Side’ is a great example of a brand using interactive video in just the right way. The video centres around a father who is driving the new Honda Civic Type R to pick up his children from school, children who are still wearing masks from a school event. During the video, you get prompts on the screen to hit the R key on the keyboard to see ‘the other side’. 

Hitting R transforms the video into something exciting and entirely different. Now, instead of being a father driving his children home from school, the driver is a getaway driver in a high-speed race to flee the scene of a crime with his masked cohorts in the rear seats. 

Giving several prompts during the course of the video, all timed absolutely perfectly, the interactive masterpiece from Honda shows a new side to dad’s everywhere, painting the new Honda car as the car you drive as part of your everyday life, or for exciting adventures that get the blood pumping. 

What Makes Honda’s Interactive Video so Good?

The interactive video from Honda is a fantastic example of product marketing using emotional and situational cues. It’s full of excitement and reflects the fantasy scenarios they imagine their target audience to have. It’s expertly shot, the switches between ‘realities’ are expertly and perfectly timed and the overall experience leaves you feeling just wonderful. 

With so many brands who are already taking full advantage of the benefits that interactive video has to offer, it’s best to get involved with new trend before it becomes a mainstream thing. Getting involved while it’s still somewhat new and exciting means you have more room to be creative, original and engaging to your audience. People like new things, and, eventually, interactive video will become just as saturated on the internet as linear video. That’s not to say it will lose its efficacy, but the sooner you start, the longer you can reap the rewards. 

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