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Managing Subtitles in your Interactive Project

Subtitles tool lets you add subtitles to your videos. To add subtitles to your video, your subtitle file must be available in advance.

First of all, we click on our vehicle from the Elements list. Here comes the screen where we can upload and edit the subtitle that we will put on our video.

1- Select the language of the subtitle you will add to the video.

2- Area where you will select the subtitle file on your computer.

3- After selecting the subtitle file, you need to click the button to upload it to the system.

4- Button to open subtitle settings.

5- Area where you can determine the text color of the subtitle you added.

6- Area where you can set the background color of the caption you added.

7- Area where you can adjust the shadow colors around the subtitle you added.

8- Button where you can save all the subtitle settings you made.

9- Button where you can close the current subtitle loading screen.

If you want to open the video with subtitles after adding the subtitle, click the drop-down menu next to the "Preview" button on the editor screen. You can then open your integrated video with the subtitle you added by selecting the option "with English subtitles".