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How to Use Audio Feedback

When viewers click on any area in the video or answer a question, you can enable them to listen an audio as feedback. Let's look at the examples:

Clickable Areas


Add the audio element you will use for feedback to the video timeline. Turn off Visible feature from its Properties panel.

Next, click on the On Click feature in the Properties panel of the clickable area you added to your video. Select Play Audio from the list. Select the name of the Audio you added from the Target Track list and save it. When the viewer clicks on this area, the audio file you added will play.


Add a question to the video timeline. For example, we added the Single Select Question.

Click the settings button of the option that you will give feedback. We will define a variable on the Set Variable section. Let's accept this option as the correct answer and write “answer” as Key and “true” as value. Then, we will then check the value we assign here elsewhere. After completing your settings, click Save.

Now, add the Audio element that you will use for feedback to the video timeline. You need to set the time interval of this element to come one second after the question. Turn off Visible feature from the Properties panel.

After adding these elements, we need to condition according to the user's response. In other words, if the answer selected by the user matches the variable we have determined, we will activate the "Play Audio" command. To do this, add the Conditional Action element to the timeline. We will determine the condition in the window that opens. Click the Add Condition button. Click on the first part and select the variable you created when adding the question. In this example, we select "answer". The area in the middle represents the condition signs. Here we will say: if "answer" equals to "true". Therefore, select = as operation. In the last box, we need to write the value to ensure equality. After completing the settings, click Save.

Open the Conditional Action Properties area on the left panel. Set the time interval to be the same as Audio. Now we need to determine the event we want when the condition is fulfilled. Click the Action list in the Condition Actions section., we will turn on the feature that we made invisible previously while adding Audio, depending on this condition. Select Play Audio here. Select the name of the Audio from the Target Track list and save it.

When you preview the video and select the “a” option, the condition will work and Audio feedback will be activated.