How to Create Channels For Your Audience

Cinema8 Tube is your video streaming platform. Whether you use it for the enterprise or use it as a public platform. Whether it's mandatory to sign in or just need to sign in for some videos. Add different channels and playlists. The Tube design is completely in your hands.

Create Channel

When you click on the Tube tab, you will see the page where your channels are located. If you do not have a channel created before, this page will appear blank.

Click the Create Channel button on the top right panel.

Fill in the required information on the page that opens. Tags you add in this field can be used as a filter item in channel search service via API. Select Security Permissions. Select Thumbnail and Cover images.

Click the Save button on the bottom left panel. 'Save Success' in the upper right corner shows that the registration process is successful.

After completing this process, you will be automatically directed to the Edit Channel page.

Edit Channel

On this page, you can rearrange the channel information and settings. You can add playlists to the channel and add videos to a playlist you have already created.

You can add your existing playlists to the channel by clicking the Add Playlist button from the Project Items section. Click the Add Project button, select the videos you want to upload from the popup window and click the Save button. These videos will now appear on your channel.

Click here to see how to create a playlist.

At the bottom of the edit page, you can see the Subscribers' information. The Subscribers button shows your total subscriber count. When you click this button, you can access the subscriber information and search from the search field located here.

Edit Popularity

There is the Edit Popularity option in the Action button on the right side of the playlists and projects in the Project Items section. Thanks to the edit popularity, you can highlight the popularity value of your playlists and videos you want.

Click here to see how to make settings.