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Chapter Element in Cinema8 Creative Studios

Chapter element lets you add chapter titles to your video. When the viewer clicks on the titles of the episodes you added, the video goes to the point where the episode title was added.

We drag and drop our element from the elements list to the layer. Here comes the screen where we will name the chapter element.

1- Chapter name.

2- Save button for chapter element.

Editing Chapter Element Settings

When we successfully add the Chapter element to the layer it will look like the following.

1: “Chapter" element attached to the layer.

Once I click on the element on my layer, the system will open the settings of the element clicked on the right side of the screen.

1- The area you will name the element you added.

2- Area showing when the element will enter the screen.

3- Button, where you can save the properties you changed.

4- Button, where you can delete the element.