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Branching Videos - Connecting Questions and Projects

When you make interactive videos with Cinema8, you can link them together with Storyflow. Let's take a look at how we can connect videos by placing questions between videos.

Branching Videos

1- After creating a Storyflow project, click to go to the editor to edit the Storyflow.

2- The button you need to use to change the videos you add to Storyflow. Click on the video you have added to select it. Then click this button and replace it with a new video.

3- Button where you can delete the video you added to Storyflow. Select the video you added and delete it with this button.

4- After navigating the storyflow, the button to reset the camera position to default.

5- Click once on the triangle to select the start video of Storyflow and drop it on your start video.

6- A video added to Storyflow.

7- Save your Storyflow project.

8- Watch your Storyflow project.

9- Add video into Storyflow.

10- Add questions to link videos in Storyflow.

Let's add 3 videos and 1 question to our Storyflow as an example. Let's direct the viewer to the videos according to the answers to our question.

1- The link we chose the beginning of Storyflow.

2- The first video to come at the opening.

3- Question link that will appear at the end of the 1st video.

4- Question with 2 options added to direct the audience to different videos.

5- The first option of the problem. Takes the viewer to the "Editor Use" video.

6- The second option of the problem. Takes the viewer to the "Homepage Video" video.

7- When “A” option is selected, the link that will take the viewer to the “Editor Use” video.

8- When “B” option is selected, the link that will lead the viewer to the “Homepage Video” video.

9- Added 2nd video.

10- Added 3rd video.

When the storyflow is recorded this way, the first video is shown first. When complete, the question screen appears and is directed to other videos to the option selected by the video viewer.