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Cinema8 is an experiential video interaction design platform that empowers video lovers to create gamified, engaging, interactive, and immersive video experiences on linear & 360 videos.


Easy-to-use in-video tools to engage users, shoppers, learners, employees, and more...

No need to be a video editing expert! Transform your videos into interactive experiences for your audiences. Here are a few of Cinema8's video editor's capabilities.

Cinema8 Feature

No need for code writing, just drag & drop the interactions into the video

Cinema8 Feature

Add questions, feedbacks, buttons, overlays, custom forms, clickable areas and more.

Cinema8 Feature

Branching video: Create decision points and make interactive stories

Cinema8 Feature

Create 360-degree videos with interactive stories

Cinema8 Feature

Gamify videos, allow users to shop in-video, see prices and compare items

Cinema8 Feature

Access advanced analytics and reporting tools: Heat maps showing user clicks and actions


Create interactive learning experiences for all types of learners

With Cinema8's in-video question tools you can create video exams, quizzes, surveys. You can also combine other Cinema8 features to add scoring and gamification to encourage completion and engagement.

E-Learning Feature
E-Commerce Feature


Allow users to buy what they see on your videos.

Our in-video shopping capabilities allow viewers to browse and shop items within the video.


Integrate game elements in to your video.

Put the users into a story, define achievements and make challenges with Cinema8’s interaction design tools.

Gamification Feature


Visit Cinema8's learning center

Cinema8 provides you with comprehensive articles on how to create interactive videos and make them appealing to your audiences.


What people say about Cinema8

It is quite easy to produce an interactive video with drag-and-drop tools with this web-based online editor which is not required any installation. I can say that it's enough to know basic MS Office programs.

Mehmet Akhoroz
Director of Distance Education, Bahçeşehir University

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  • Bahcesehir University
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